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Tim Vander Elst
Tim Vander Elst
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NRP ULTRON Pre-Sale has started ! Empty NRP ULTRON Pre-Sale has started !

le Jeu 11 Fév - 23:26
slt a tous,

au debut je veux m'excuser pour parler anglais dans votre forum.
Ma francais n'est pas tres bon, et c'est une longue message à traduire LOL...

Donc, quand il ya des choses qui sont pas compris en anglais, tu peux repondre dans cette sujet, et je vais vous expliquer le mieux possible..

N-R-P Ultron PRE-SALE has started !

Pre order your ULTRON now!  

Complete ULTRON 4WD buggy kit €2895,00

Deposit €500 and € 2395 on delivery.

The first kits will be shipped by the end of March

A high-end 1/6th scale competition off-road buggy. 
With 15 years of largescale racing expirience, one and a half year of developping and testing, N-R-P is taking large scale 4wd racing to the next level with the Ultron buggy. 
A complete radical and new design compared with the existing brands. Using only the best materials currently available.

The car is a few steps ahead of the competition, With our pivot-ball front upright we can reach an unseen suspension travel of 130mm, Ultra big bore and long shocks for stability on all surfaces, Easy acces to the differentials (6 bolts max to remove the differential) to simple setting up the car. 
Changing anti-squad an toe-in with 1 single set of bushings, no need to buy extra parts, With our design you can set 1°, 2°, 3° anti-squad, and combine this with 1°, 2°, 3° toe-in just by turning the bushings in another angle. 
50-50 weight balance ratio to achieve the best handling abilities.

A body-shell designed specially for this model, cold air is sucked in on the front and the hot air is blown out by the engine at the rear. No matter the temperature outside, your engine and elektrics will stay cool.

While the car has been designed for racing purposes, the car is also home in the hobby market. 
The car is designed in a way that wrenching is brought to the mimimum. 
All parts are verry easy to acces, and the car is re-build easy compared with other high-end racing models. 
High durability and low maintenance is also an asset of the Ultron, high quality bearings, gears, driveshafts is a strenghth of the car.

You like the car, but you don't like the buggy and prefer a more realistic looking car? 
No problem, At the end of March the Ultron is also vailable as a Short Course Truck. 
The car is build out of the same parts, and quality material as the buggy, The Short Course only differs from the buggy by it's longer chassis, longer driveshafts, wheels and bodyshell.
There are several options for the stering servo's


2 Small stering servo 40x20x37 mm.
1 big servo 59x29x52mm .
2 big servo's 59x29x52mm .
The throttle brake servo's are 2 small servo's 40x20x37mm.


Components not included:



Wheelbase Adjustable: 543-558mm.
Width: 478
Weight: 13.4 (depends on the components used to the car)
Max chassis-ground play: 110mm.
Max suspension traffle: 130mm.
Caster adjustable: 16-26°
Adjustable to-in/to-out front
Adjustable pivot ball upright
Bumpsteer adjustable
Kickup 8°
Adjustable front roll centre
Rear antisquat adjustable: 1-3°
Rear to-in adjustable 1-3°
Adjustable rear roll centre
3 oil filled differentials
25mm. Ultra big bore hard coated shocks
Progressive springs
24mm. hex wheel hub
Adjustable brake pads
Hard coated servosaver
Special hard coated long traffle stering rod ends 
Flex rear wing
Clear lexan body
Twin Air airfilter
High Performance exhaust with 3 room silencer.

And finally ! The pictures !

The Body

We've seen quite some comments on facebook and forums about our bodyshell.
It is a radical look, some guys like it, some guys don't, can't do anything about that.

But another points we read was the complaining about the bad quality of Grafil bodies.
We know about what happened in the past with Grafil bodies, and we know we should not make the same mistake.
For this reason we opted for a 2mm thick body shell, and no sharp edges in the design of the body !

And there was yet another points, the body is too compact, will generate too much heat.
We ran this body shell now with only a few holes inside the shell and can tell you the design works brilliant.
The engine is rotated 180° compared with other brand, wich makes the pullstarter be at the front of the car.
Fresh air gets sucked inside thrue the pullstarter, and blown out on the other side.
We designed the body shell in a way that the hot air get blown out straight away. 
No circulation of hot air inside the body shell.
Keeping your engine and elektronics cool in any condition !

NRP ULTRON Pre-Sale has started ! Luchtstroom1-01-01-01_zpsqu9ds6gf

NRP ULTRON Pre-Sale has started ! Luchtstroom2-01-01-01_zpshtlhhd6k

NRP ULTRON Pre-Sale has started ! Luchtstroom-01_zpsvqpnbltx

Easy wrenching and maintenance

Everything in the Ultron is designed to be light, strong, and every driver/hobby bob should be able to build it.
The most important part of the setup is the differential setup. 
You don't want a car where you have to take half the car appart just to change your diff oil viscosity.
For the center differential, you only remove 4bolts on the diff carrier, you loosen the tank for an extra amount of play on the driveshaft.
(depending on exhaust type you need or don't need to remove it) And your diff is out !
Front & rear diff it's a matter of removing the bumpers, the lower wishbone carrier, the 4 diffcarrier bolts and there you have it.
Easy and quick wrenching / maintenance !

NRP ULTRON Pre-Sale has started ! Diffsnelwissel-01_zpsbmk1q1qr

Adjustable brake pads

The ultron is provided with a seperate front & rear brake, both on a different servo.
This makes it possible to use brake mixing and adjusting the brake balance while running on track.
The brake material is made by a company specialised in cluth/brake material for 1/1 racing cars.
No more fading away of the brakes after racing 10minutes, stability is everything !

If you get some play after some time of racing, they are easy re-adjustable by 2 screws on the outside.
Adviced it to give the brakes arround 0.4mm play (between disk and brake pads)

NRP ULTRON Pre-Sale has started ! Remmen-01_zpsvn8wnilk

NRP ULTRON Pre-Sale has started ! Remmen2-01_zpswjgou1lp

Pivot-ball steering hubs

The Ultron is the first largescale car to be equiped with this kind of front hubs.
Thanks to this design we can reach an unseen amount of suspension travel & droop.
The inside of the hub is a steel ball, surrounded by 2 bronze inserts.
The amount of play is adjusted by large screws on the outside of the hub.
If the brons will wear out after a while, just tighten the outside screws and your good to go again !

NRP ULTRON Pre-Sale has started ! Pivothub-01_zpscuoi9t8d

Adjustable caster & bumpsteer

NRP ULTRON Pre-Sale has started ! Casterbumpsteer-01_zpsjeq5omu2

Other pictures without the body shell:

NRP ULTRON Pre-Sale has started ! Zonderbody2-01_zpsvnyvcyfp

NRP ULTRON Pre-Sale has started ! Zonderbody-01_zpshcibijfg

NRP ULTRON Pre-Sale has started ! Voorkant2-01_zps5zpr7mbz

NRP ULTRON Pre-Sale has started ! Voorkant-01_zpsde6kdvqc

NRP ULTRON Pre-Sale has started ! Achterkant-01_zpsrcnibv8u

And at last an action picture to end this post ! ;-)

NRP ULTRON Pre-Sale has started ! Actie-01_zpsmfx6ewro

If you guys have specific questions, feel free to answer in this topic, or send me a pb on the forum or facebook.

Kind regards, Tim Vander Elst

Note: Some of the more clear, detailed pictures are not mine, and made by Andy Love, thanks for letting us use your pictures !
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NRP ULTRON Pre-Sale has started ! Empty Re: NRP ULTRON Pre-Sale has started !

le Ven 12 Fév - 18:37
Salut Tim,

Merci beaucoup pour ces informations!  Wink cheers cheers
Et encore bravo pour ta victoire sur la course en Angleterre  coupeor

@+  NRP ULTRON Pre-Sale has started ! 122534

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NRP ULTRON Pre-Sale has started ! Empty Re: NRP ULTRON Pre-Sale has started !

le Ven 12 Fév - 20:31
Salut Tim 
Merci pour cette présentation bien détaillée du Ultron ,et bonne chance pour la suite avec ce nouveau buggy .
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NRP ULTRON Pre-Sale has started ! Empty Re: NRP ULTRON Pre-Sale has started !

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